Bennington Downtown Alliance

    Board Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017
 Downtown Visitor Center

The mission of the Bennington Downtown Alliance
 is to build, improve, and support a vital downtown that benefits our entire community.

Present: President Eric Peterson, Jeannie Jenkins, Edie Sawitsky, Michael Keane, Heather Maneely, Beth Wilwol, Keith Carey, Matthew Harrington*, and Michael McDonough*. Staff: John Shannahan and Diane Perry. *Ex-officio
Absent:  Shelley Colvin, Kelly Clarke, and Ted Bird.

Call to Order
                A quorum was confirmed by President Eric Peterson who then convened the meeting at 7:35am.

The acting President wanted to formally thank the Board members who played an important and crucial role for being awarded two grants that are extremely beneficial to the Downtown district.  Appreciation from all the Board went to Michael McDonough for spearheading and writing the Vermont Downtown Transportation grant.  Also much gratitude went to Heather Maneely and John Shannahan for their commitment and involvement with writing the Citizens for a Greater Bennington Grant. A special thanks to Kelly Clarke and Centerline Architect for their involvement and expertise. This is a wonderful achievement for the Downtown Alliance and a truly wonderful victory for our community.

                The April 2017 board minutes were reviewed. Action/Resolution- Motion to accept the April minutes was made by Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Michael Keane. All in favor. Motion carried. Minutes accepted as presented.

Financial Report            
Executive Director John Shannahan reported on the financials which were reviewed at the Organizational level. All is in order. Action/Resolution- a motion to approve was made by Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Michael Keane. Motion carried.

Director’s Report Discussion regarding report:

  • ·           New Barrels – new recycling barrel have been cleaned, painted, and marked specifically for recycling and are now placed throughout downtown.  Action/Resolution – John Shannahan will send a notice to the Banner regarding recycling information. John Shannahan and Mike McDonough will organize a recycling committee.
  • ·          Park at 336 – the onsite sign is damaged and in need of repair. A new sign is now needed to showcase the progress of the park and what is yet to come. Action/Resolution – committee will address how to make this happen.
  • ·          NCAR Designation – Bennington received a national designation of being in the top three most arts vibrant community in the country! This designation has risen from our previous ranking at 15. This high ranking is due in part of John keeping in contact with the NCAR regarding all that is happening by sending complete packets with information regarding all things cultural with links to community calendars. Action/Resolution – John Shannahan will continue to keep in contact with NCAR to update them on the many happenings taking place.
  • ·          TIF– the Board thanked John Shannahan for writing a letter in support of TIF, which was shared with our legislators.  Action/Resolution – no further action at this time.

Old Business

  • ·          Putnam development – an informational meeting was hosted by BRG last week and was well attended by the community. There was a high level of excitement and support from the community. Action/Resolution – continued support from us.

New Business

  • ·          Bennington Downtown Alliance Board meeting -next month’s meeting has changed. It is now being held on Wednesday June 14th at the Downtown Visitor Center. Action/Resolution – reminders will be sent out with the Board packets.
  • ·          Mini Retreat scheduled– to discuss our future focus and direction on June1st 7:30-9:30am at Downtown Visitor Center. Action/Resolution – John will send out a reminder before the date.


     Eric Peterson called for the adjournment of the meeting at 8:30am. Action/Resolution - a motion was made to adjourn by Edie Sawitsky, seconded by Jeannie Jenkins. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Wilwol, secretary
Bennington Downtown Alliance


Bennington Downtown Alliance
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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