Better Bennington Corporation Committees

An attractive, functional and safe downtown are the goals of the design strategy. The Better Bennington Corporation oversees ongoing implementation of a comprehensive streetscape plan including lighting, street furnishings, informational signage, sidewalk improvements, promotional banners and holiday decorations.  The BBC administers a Design Assistance Program to support facade improvements within the Design Review District. The BBC also consults with the Town to design and implement traffic, parking improvements and Bennington In Bloom. 

Economic Development
Full occupancy, re-use of existing historic buildings and a vital community center are the goals of the economic development strategy. Serving as a liaison to the Bennington Economic Development Partners is the strategy used to accomplish our goals within the community. 

Recruitment and Retention efforts of the Economic Development Committee include assisting businesses through educational sessions, working together on issues that affect day to day operations, and sharing opportunities that are available to help maximize profit and market share.  Recruitment efforts include maintaining a current inventory of available space, and providing a Business Resource Guide to assist prospective business and property owners.    

Marketing & Promotion
Effectively promoting downtown is the goal of the Bennington Downtown Alliance marketing strategy. The BBC maintains an information Kiosk at Putnam Square and a web site; sponsors and/or promotes special events. The Marketing & Promotion committee also promotes new, expanding or relocating businesses.

Providing the structure and coordination for the effective and efficient implementation of the downtown revitalization strategy is the organizational goal. Collaboration with public and private sectors through expanded partnerships is a critical part of fulfilling this goal.



Better Bennington Corporation
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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