Mayfest Arts & Craft Festival

C E L E B R A T I N G      3 5 Y E A R S  

May 23, 2020 Application

Business Name:________________________________


Contact Name:_________________________________


Mailing Address:  ______________________________ 


City, State, Zip:_________________________________


Phone:   (_____)________________________________





    email addresses are important - we use them to keep you updated and to post on our website year-round! 


Describe your work; including price range, materials, & techniques. Work must be listed to be sold and it must be made by

you or an immediate family member!









Select one:    

Artist/Crafter______     Food / Bev. Vendor______         Non-Profit (no retail)_______

  (or packaged foods)           (consumed during show)          (activity required - no retail allowed)



Complete Chart:   (vendor descriptions and requirements listed in section below)




Fill In Amounts

Artisan/Crafter (1 space)




Artisan/Crafter (2 spaces)




VIP (returning) Artisan/Crafter (1 space) 




VIP (returning) Artisan/Crafter (2 spaces)




 Artisan/Crafter Demo Booth
(must also have regular booth)

add $10

 add $10


Food/Beverage (1 space)




Food/Beverage (2 spaces)




501(c)(3)   (1 space) 




501(c)(3)   (2 spaces)





                                                                           Total Amount $____________

I have read the Mayfest 2020 contract on the following pages and agree to the terms and requirements.  If accepted, I give permission to use photos & work descriptions for publicity purposes.


  __________________________________________                          ________________

                                   Signature                                                            Date


If paying via PayPal a completed application is still


Food & Beverage (consume at show)


Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3)


Mayfest Contract 

All Participants:

1. I agree to comply with all local and state regulations for fire, safety, and health.  Click here to download information: State of VermontVendor Licensing Requirements

2. I will provide the BBC with a copy of VT Tax ID available through the Vermont Department of

Taxes. Info can be found at

3. I will abide by set-up and take-down rules as stipulated by BBC and I will not disassemble tent until 5:00pm. 

4. All crafters will be required to provide white tents.

5.Notwithstanding any other indemnification clause, I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Better Bennington Corporation its officers, employees, and volunteers, from any and all claims, demands, damages, causes of action, losses or expenses, including attorney fees, on account of injury or death of any person arising out of the defective condition of the equipment and devices rented under this agreement and/or vendors negligence in the installation of the rented equipment and devices. 

6. I agree not to hold the BBC, its officers, volunteers, or employees responsible or liable for any accident, injury, damage, theft, or destruction occurring in relation to Mayfest. Insurance for such loss, damage, or injury will be my sole responsibility.  

7. I understand and agree that BBC has the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any exhibitor who misrepresents themselves or their product.

8. Any participant not in place one hour before Mayfest opens will forfeit their right to exhibit without refund or recourse.

9. If my check is returned due to insufficient funds, I agree to replace it with a money order or teller’s check with a $35 service fee or forfeit my spot at Mayfest.

10. I understand that BBC has the right to amend or add to the rules pertaining to and governing Mayfest at any time. Additions or amendments will be circulated to participants in writing.  Interpretation of Mayfest rules by BBC shall be final.

11. BBC reserves the right to require cash or money order with all applications received after the due date.

12. No refunds will be made after April 24, 2020. All refunds are subject to a $10 processing fee.


Artisan/Crafter Participants:

1. All work displayed at my Mayfest booth is of my own design & creation, or that of my family.  I understand that no kits, buy/sell, or mass produced items may be displayed or sold.

2. Images sent to the jury must be representative of all work displayed in your booth. All other items will be removed from show.

Food Court Participants:

1. I agree to provide garbage containers and to remove all trash at the close of Mayfest. Dumpsters will be available.

2. Electrical power is not available.  I agree to provide for any electrical needs by use of a QUIET, NON-FUMING generator.  ***Any loud or fume creating generators constitute grounds for immediate removal from show. If you can't have a conversation while standing next to it, it's too loud. 

3. I agree to acquire all applicable licenses and adhere to all local health code requirements.

4. Must provide a photo of your food truck. 




Market Survey Results


This year we celebrate the 35th year of Mayfest Arts and Craft Festival!

Average attendance is between 8,000 to 10,000 people. 

Approximately 65% of our visitors come from Vermont, 20% from New York and New Jersey, 5% from Massachusetts, and 10% from elsewhere. 

The average price point is $25.00 which excludes food items. 

The most sought after items include: food items, handmade jewelry, artwork/crafts that include paintings, glass, textiles, and specialty items.  We receive MANY vendor applications, we select only the most unique producers to limit competition!!!



Important Information

  • Final booth locations will not be assigned or shared until arrival on the morning of the event. 
  • All spaces are outdoors.  Booth location is at the discretion of the BBC; requests are considered, but not guaranteed.  Show is rain or shine.    
  • The BBC Marketing/Promotion Committee, staff, and/or directors will jury all applications.
  • No refunds after April 24, 2020.  All not-for-profit vendors must provide the BBC with a copy of their 501(c)(3) determination.





Mayfest 2020 Rates & Vendor Categories 

published rates include jury and administration fees 



  •    Artisan/Crafter            Early Registration                    After April 24th
      10'x10'space                                       $145                                       $175
    10'x20'space                                       $240                                   $270
                           *This rate does not apply to "eat-at-show" food vendors or not-for-profits            



  •   VIP (returning) Artisan/Crafter*      Only Available Until April 24th 
       10'x10'space                                                               $130                        
       10'x20'space                                                               $210                     
             *VIP Artisan/Crafter Benefits       
               Available only to For-Profit Artisan/Crafters who participated in Mayfest 2019
                         Application and payment must be received by deadline of April 24, 2020  
  • No photos required with application.
  • Automatically entered into a drawing for a free booth for Mayfest 2021.
  • Complimentary "Mayfest Money" to get a coffee or snack at a cafĂ© or restaurant.   


  •   Demonstration Booths for Artisans/Crafters    
      Demo booths are encouraged to attract attention.  If you have an item that you can make during
        the show, we will provide an additional 10x10 space for only $10.00.  Demo booths have
        done very well in past years.  Requirements below:
    • You must first purchase a regular vending booth space
    • You must provide a white 10x10 tent for each individual space you purchase
    • You must be able to conduct business and create product during the show
    • Demo space may not be used for additional display space, only demo equipment and supplies
    • Demo booths requiring power will be located in the "Demo Section" of the show 

               We recommend you bring sales help with you so you don't miss any sales opportunities. 


    •   Food/Beverage Vendor   Early Registration Discount Rate      After April 24th
        10'x15'space                                                    $250                                    $280           
        10'x30'space                                                    $390                                $420 
                       *This rate is for vendor food that is consumed at the show, not jellies, sauces, etc... 



    •   501(c)(3) Booth*           Early Registration Discount Rate     After April 24th
       10'x10'space                                                 $110                                    $175    
                          *501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit booth requirements 
    • You may not sell items.
    • You MUST host an activity at your booth (you may charge a fee for activity).
    • Your application will not be processed if an activity is not listed. Please provide this Before mailing in the application! (contact us if you have questions regarding activities)
    • Informational material and swag may be distributed.
    • You must provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) determination with application.            




    How to Apply


    1. Complete and sign the upper portion of the application.
    2. Complete "Booth Fee Chart" with total amount enclosed. 
    3. Make check payable to Better Bennington Corporation.
    4. Enclose photos of your artwork and a photo of you creating your work. (waived for VIPs)
      Write your name on the back of the photos and enclose a SASE if you want them returned.  
    5. Return upper portion of application (including signature line) along with payment, photos, and required permits and forms in one envelope. Thank you!
    6. Mail To:

                                                          Better Bennington Corporation

    215 South Street

    Bennington, Vermont 05201

    (Must be postmarked before April 22, 2019 to get the Early Registration Discount Rate! )







    Contact Info

    Phone:      802-442-5758



       Contacts:   Diane Perry, Event and Membership Coordinator

                                                             John Shannahan, Director



    Overnight Accommodations

    provided by Better Bennington Corporation Members 

                                                              Four Chimneys Inn
                                                              Harwood Hill Arts Motel
                                                              Knotty Pine Motel
                                                              Paradise Motor Inn

                                                              Southshire B&B

                                                              Safford Mills Inn



    Mayfest is organized by the Better Bennington Corporation whose mission is to lead and support public and private efforts that promote and enhance downtown as the vital commercial and cultural heart of the community.

    Better Bennington Corporation
    215 South Street
    Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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