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 Support the Arts

  The Better Bennington Corporation and the Bennington Area Arts Council are pleased to provide
the opportunity for you to support the many wonderful cultural activities and arts initiatives in our area.


Below are two ways to give.  Donations to both initiatives are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Your gift will both change someone's life and enrich our community.


Three Easy Steps! 

#Make your check out to:                  Bennington Area Arts Council

#2  In the memo line write:               "Sonatina Scholarship Fund" or "BAAC Initiatives" 

#3  Mail your gift to:                            P.O. Box 823 Bennington, Vermont 05201 


You will receive an acknowledgment and tax receipt for your gift. 


Here's a little bit about each initiative - 


Bennington Area Arts Council 

The Bennington Area Arts Council's mission is to foster an interconnected cultural community, to promote arts and culture for the enrichment of all, and to champion our creative industry as essential to our economic well-being.

Bennington is a cultural hotbed of activity and talent. With dozens of cultural institutions and art-related organizations, Bennington's exciting art scene has come to life. Story Hour (think Moth Radio), Ted Talks, Art and Craft Festivals, Museums and Art Centers, Equity and Community Theatre, Dance, Concerts, Performances, Art Exhibits and Gallery Openings, and Cultural Events are just the beginning of what you will find in the historically preserved and naturally beautiful surroundings of our area.   

The Council hosts the annual event called EXPOsion to kick off each year with a celebration of the cultural institutions in our area.  The press and public are invited to join us as we roll-out our annual calendar of events and promote our activities, exhibits, and programs for the year.  The expo is designed to celebrate our region as the area's cultural hub; one that is rich in artist talent and abundant with events and cultural activities.

The Council is also host to Bennington Arts Weekend.  On the first weekend of August of each year Bennington comes alive with more events and cultural activities than one person can possibly attend.  For the culturally-minded traveler, this is the weekend to visit Vermont.  

For more information on arts and culture in the Bennington area visit the "Bennington Area Arts Council" page on the website, then click on anything that catches your interest or call us at 802-442-5758.     


Sonatina Scholarship Fund   

We’ve had the best 2017 season – so much wonderful piano playing and music making and, as always, a great sense of community, which is such a big part of piano camp.  So many of you gave generously to support the Scholarship Fund for local students to attend Summer Sonatina. We can say, without hesitation, that it was the best season we’ve had in years. Your donations made it possible for 25 recipients to attend with a full scholarship and all of them had the time of their life.

After 20,000 video views of Summer Sonatina 2016 students fabulous Flash Mob Scene in Downtown Bennington, the Four Corners in Downtown Bennington will be painted in piano keys in the middle of the road this spring.

Flash Mob filmed by BBC:

Flash Mob filmed by CAT-TV:

Select Board filmed by CAT-TV:

Your financial gift would offer musical enrichment to deserving local youngsters while strengthening the Summer Sonatina program in the process. Our goal is to raise approximately $28,000 this year.  

As an added incentive, I would like to personally give back to you all. For each seasonal Sonata Piano Camp that raises over $5000, I’d like you to send me 10 minutes of you playing a particular piano piece. I will listen and send you a PDF file of the score with all of my corrections and suggestions. If all of you do this, I’ll be giving 8 hours of my time per camp. Since we have 11 events per year, this will total 88 hours of my time. Does the number 88 mean anything to you?!

No matter which way you choose to contribute, your gift will benefit a student who will forever more have the experience of piano camp in their history. Think about how many of you never had the opportunity to go to piano camp until your adulthood and how meaningful it is to you. Imagine how these students can come to piano camp now! It makes you smile, doesn’t it?!

Better Bennington Corporation
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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