Better Bennington Corporation
 Board Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2019
 Downtown Visitor Center

The mission of the Better Bennington Corporation is to lead and support  public and private efforts that
promote and enhance downtown  as the vital commercial and cultural heart of the community.

Present: President Eric Peterson, Michael Keane, Edie Sawitsky, Keith Carey, Michael McDonough, Linda Foulsham,
Susan Plaisance, Ted Bird, Ben Oyola, Jeannie Jenkins*, and Shannon Barsotti*. Staff: John Shannahan and Diane Perry. *
Absent: Shelley Colvin, Laurie Gormley, Jonathan Cooper, Heather Maneely, and Beth Wilwol.

Call to Order
         A quorum was confirmed by President Eric Peterson who then convened the meeting at 7:30am.


  The April 2019 board minutes were reviewed. Action/Resolution- a motion to accept the April minutes with revisions was

        made by Linda Foulsham, seconded by Susan Plaisance. All in favor. Motion carried.

        Financial Report            

John Shannahan reported on the financials which were reviewed at the Organizational level. All is in order. Action/Resolution- a motion to accept the minutes was made by Ted Bird, seconded by Linda Foulsham. Motion carried.

        Committee Reports

  • Design – reviewing a revised layout for plantings. Receiving positive comments on the beauty of the plantings.
  • Design -  Park at 336 – still meeting with some designers for the water feature, will meet next week to see a potential option. Will progress quickly once coordination between contractors is confirmed. The water service line needs extended further back in to the site, then Steve will begin his work. Action/Resolution – select pavers.
  • E.V. - Putnam Block- papers for phase one is projected to be signed in May, and then a public announcement will be made, then ground work projected to start in June.  Action/Resolution- continued support.

Director’s Report 

  • South Street CafĂ© - awaiting what decision has been made regarding its opening and temporary location.  Action/Resolution- offer any support necessary.
  • Select Board – BBC presentation by John Shannahan on 5/13/19. Action/Resolution- all encouraged to attend.
  • BAW- working with BAAC and Shannon Barsotti on planning a concert at Merchants Park. Brewfest is scheduled for that weekend also. Action/Resolution – coordinate all the events.
  • Marketing Task Force – it was decided that 802 Marketing would lead the proposed marketing plan. Along with working with the Banner and possibly other local media groups. Action/Resolution- contribute as needed.

Old Business

  • no discussion.

New Business

  • SVC – a local business person is proposing that other local businesses donate a percentage of their sales to SVC on May 18th, graduation day. These funds would be distributed to payroll accounts. Action/Resolution – our deepest appreciation for SVC and its staff, faculty, students, vendors, and families for their years of dedication and community input.

    Eric Peterson called for the adjournment of the meeting at 8:58am. Action/Resolution - a motion was made to adjourn by Ted Bird, seconded by Ben Oyola. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Organization Committee
Better Bennington Corporation

Better Bennington Corporation
215 South Street
Beautiful Bennington, Vermont 05201

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